• Welcome to the only existing National level Forum representing largest group of Ex-Servicemen working in Public Sector Enterprises.




Norms for the Social Media Groups

We all veterans are prudent to perceive that the group is dedicated to discuss and work for issues and causes of Ex-Servicemen. Writing or forwarding of posts like comments on political/religious issues, wishes on festival, birthday & anniversary etc., messages like good morning/night etc. on Forum’s WhatsApp or Facebook group by the members are generally done with a good intention. But actually these posts distract from the real, required and destined purpose of the group and thereby orient the group towards purposeless inclination. Obscene contents (text, photo, video etc.) are lawfully prohibited and has no place in the group. It is therefore humbly requested that members should cooperate in achieving vision, mission value of the forum by posting ESM related issues ONLY in explicit language and manner.